Libraries and Librarians: A Changing Landscape, CSE Panel


May 21, 2012



  • Jean Shipman, Director, Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library at University of Utah
  • Rick Anderson, Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources and Collections, University of Utah
  • Bart Ragon, Associate Director for Library Tech Services and Development, University of Virginia Claude Moore Health Sciences Library

Lest those in publishing forget, we are not the only ones experiencing a sea change in our jobs and industry due to technology and economic issues. Librarians are also reinventing their roles and the roles of the library. And guess what? We are all in the business of scholarly communication and serve the same customers: the researchers who provide and use the content we collect, disseminate, curate, and archive for future generations. This session will explore the traditional and some new roles of librarians and libraries, and discuss the advancement toward more productive relationships between publishers and librarians.

Learning Objectives:

  • Become familiar with traditional and new roles of librarians.
  • Understand the relationship between librarians and researchers.
  • Learn how librarians are involved in the research process, from training in publication ethics to help with research design.
  • Learn how librarians are encouraging data sharing, management, and curation, and are assisting with making data discoverable.
  • Understand the motivations and ways that librarians are becoming publishers.
  • Learn about new library purchasing trends.
  • Learn about ways for librarians, publishers, and editors to work together to improve scholarly communications.

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